Security Statement


We take security very seriously. districtFUNDCenter has no access to the information, content, or data that resides on a participating K-12 website or the servers that house it. All funds raised and information related to it is protected via various layers of security. districtFUNDCenter is a basic html code addition to any web page. It doesn’t require any code or data to reside on the servers housing a school’s website. The FUNDCenter simply displays sponsorships, tracks performance, and clicks directly to sponsor websites where school families can make secure purchases that raise money for their schools. This is all handled automatically, tracking all clicks, purchases, and corresponding fundraising back to each school’s website, and depositing all funds raised into each school’s own secure dashboard account.

districtFUNDCenter uses industry standard encryption technology to protect information sent over the Internet. SSL is an encryption technology known as “Secure Sockets Layer”. SSL encrypts transmissions between two parties and verifies the Web site server you are communicating with. An “s” after the “http” in our Website’s address indicates that your browser is attached to our secure server using SSL technology.

districtFUNDCenter also uses industry standard encryption and security methods to protect data that resides on our servers. All such data resides securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service. Azure was created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. A combination of encryption, firewall, and account access security keeps live, stored, and backed up data secure. This data includes and is not limited to anonymous (not personally identifying information) such as IP addresses, time stamps, web urls, statistical metrics, system content and code. To the extent personal or organization identifying user information is submitted through a form, such information is also kept secure.

districtFUNDCenter does not accept credit card, social security, or other information of that sensitivity. For schools that provide bank account information for electronic fundraising payments, such bank account information is secured by PNC Online Banking.