districtFUNDCenter’s founders have 20 years of experience with establishing revenue partnerships whereby Fortune 500 Companies provide financial support to local K-12 education.

Drove tens of millions in new revenues to almost 100k schools within all U.S. districts.

K-12 leaders directly influenced millions of parents & teachers to participate with their shopping to generate school revenues.

Local K-12 educational institutions realized significant new revenues year-round, no cost, hassle-free.

While deploying these offline shopping revenue partnerships, districtFUNDCenter’s founders discovered that K-12 districts were increasingly operating their own websites, collectively receiving significant traffic nationwide. So, the districtFUNDCenter mission began…

1. Establish districtFUNDCenter to leverage our offline experience to this emerging area.

2. Perform deep research of K-12 district website segment, monitoring volume and growth.

3. Allocate technical resources to development of technology platform (simple rectangular website plug-in) allowing K-12 district websites to easily display paying sponsors, automatically triggering district revenues.

4. Prove the districtFUNDCenter platform by launching it with a select group of K-12 districts.

5. After the success of the above, offer districtFUNDCenter to K-12 school districts nationwide.

districtFUNDCenter TODAY

To date, many K-12 school districts have live districtFUNDCenter sponsor widgets on their homepages, and are raising 10s of thousands of dollars per month, including some of the largest districts in the U.S.

districtFUNDCenter earns revenues several ways, all in one simple widget that takes up very little space on district website webpages…

$ Revenues from select Official Sponsors our team arranges directly

$ Revenues from dozens of Shopping Sponsors from every click & purchase

$ Revenues from hundreds Premium Sponsors pre-qualified family-friendly

$ Revenues from Local Business Sponsors arranged by K-12 faculty and parent leadership

The districtFUNDCenter technology and platform are fine-tuned to meet the needs of K-12 public school districts who need new revenues at no cost, year-round, and without distraction so educators can focus on education instead of budgetary gaps.